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P90X3 PROOF: Christine | 30 Minutes, 90 Days, Lost 30 lbs, Her Perfect Program

Christine lost 30 lbs and 17.5 total inches in one 90-day round of P90X3!!! She kept going for another 90 days and lost an additional 10 lbs and 8 inches!!

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Tamara was tired of spending an hour and a half at the gym, with little results. P90X3 and 30 minutes a day got her in the shape she wanted!

P90X3 PROOF: I Burned 1000 Calories

Have you heard of the “afterburn”? That’s right, 30 minutes after you have completed a P90X3 30 Minute workout, you’re STILL burning calories!! 808 calories?! 628 calories?! 1041 calories?!?!?!?!?

P90X3 PROOF: Jeremy | I Gained 18lbs of Lean Muscle, 30 Minutes a Day

Finding 30 minutes in your day is the easiest part! See how Jeremy packed on 18lbs of PURE MUSCLE with P90X3!!

P90X3 PROOF: Shannon | 30 Minutes, No Excuses, All Results

“With just 30 minutes, you really have no excuse not to do it.”

P90X3 PROOF: I Do Have A 6 Pack!

YOU, yes YOU can get these results in just 30 minutes a day. “It’s all about the intensity, which is easier to do in a shorter period of time. You’re giving your all the entire 30 minutes because you know you only have 30 minutes.”

P90X3 PROOF: Check Out Scott’s 6 PACK ABS

Meet Scott: 19 lbs lost, 90 days, 30 minutes a day, 6-pack abs. Let’s get shredded.

P90X3 Sneak Peek: Agility

Tony Horton Live: What is the nutrition plan for P90X3?